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A little bit more about my life and myself.

About me

I used to set goals and make plans to make them happen. Now I try to find my voice and use my intuition to lead the way.

I'm Annelie, I grew up in northern Sweden where the accents are thicker than snow. I grew up with the world’s greatest parents; a dad who always encouraged me to aim for first place when competing but who always supported me no matter placement. And a mom with huge curiosity and who supported all my ideas. Pretty amazing folks, basically! 

But, I didn’t stay in Piteå. In total, I have lived in 3  countries and visited more than 30. I have started, driven, and invested in 7 different companies. And can also call my self an angel investor.

All of this led me here, to my 96sqm apartment with a view over Stockholm and the ability to travel the world. A life that I aimed for.

However, after turning 33 I realised that all I had aimed for was society's definition of success. Not my own. Never had I actually listened to what my dream was. That's what I'm going to figure out now.

As of August 2023 I've hired a CEO to run my company and after a 4-month hand-over, I'm going to travel the world.

This blog will be my thoughts and musings towards that journey and afterward.